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SineWave Solutions Ltd. began out of the realization that sometimes standard troubleshooting procedures may not be adequate to pinpoint some of today’s complicated electrical issues. Over the last 3 decades, technologies have developed, and today’s new efficient equipment is manipulating and changing the fundamental electrical environment they operate in. When standard troubleshooting procedures are not producing the results or answers you need, maybe you need to look “closer”.

About Sinewave SOLUTIONS LTD.

With our ability to “look” into the electricity within your facility, we can check into the “health” of the electrical environment they are operating in. Then we follow the waveforms to pinpoint the issues and find the problems within. At SineWave Solutions … our focus is to follow the waveforms and analyze the issues, so the problem can be resolved and you get results.

…………Follow the SineWaves to get to the Solutions!


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Our Services

What we are looking for

There is an abundance of activity inside an electrical system and we can capture many things. The normal activity repeats 60 times a second. Some activities last seconds to minutes, others flash in Milli to Nano seconds. With mountains of data to record and correlate, it is easier now than ever with the new technology we have in our tool box. The first step is to see what is going on…

What to expect.

The survey starts right when we arrive on site. After consultation of your concerns, then an inspection your facility and equipment is next. We will select monitoring point(S) with proper monitoring durations, check all safety concerns, and provide a plan explaining what we are trying to achieve. Electrical drawings help speed this process up if available. If you are interested in pursuing further, we will supply a quote for your consideration.

Electric Power Quality

With the ever increasing addition of sensitive devices being integrated into our electrical devices, high voltage spikes and disturbances, both internal and external to your facilities, are disruptive and damaging to the investments you have made in your operations. Time and time again equipment is replaced or repaired only to realize the same failures again down the road.

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