About Sinewave Solutions

SineWave Solutions began out of the realization that standard electrical troubleshooting procedures sometimes are not adequate to find and resolve some of the problematic issues that are detrimental to our modern electrical devices. As our technologies change so must our knowledge and the methods of how we maintain the electrical equipment which we rely on daily.

New technologies interact differently than the old robust solid state devices of the past, and many actually manipulate the fundamental waveforms. This manipulation can affect other devices which are connected to the same energy source. Your neighbor’s equipment now could actually be affecting yours, but how would you know? Today’s Power Quality Metering equipment has evolved as well, and when you are having issues that don’t make sense it’s advantageous to look inside your electrical environment to find out what’s really going on.

By doing the “Detective work” looking into the energy to find out the way the system is behaving, we can see if there are any anomalies that would explain malfunction or premature failure. It can be determined if any of the characteristics need to be addressed. First we need to isolate or identify the root cause of the disturbances. Some are simple to find some are not. We can then take action to eliminate them if possible, if it’s not possible to eliminate them, then we will protect you from them by decreasing their harshness. When necessary we can consult with our network of electrical engineers to back up findings and advise on cost effective remedies.

Sinewave Solutions is competent in doing simple demand studies for clients that are just curious if their present systems can handle more equipment added, as well as comprehensive Power Quality Surveys and mitigation solutions.


About Robert Wagler

I first got started in the electrical trade in 1988 and have been active in this changing and evolving industry ever since. In 1997 I obtained my Alberta Electrical Master’s certification and then founded and operated an electrical construction and maintenance company. I had the pleasure to manage and grow the company for the next 20 years.

I had seen a lot of changes over the 26 years in the industry in of how our electrical devices are now constructed and built, with the addition of all these new electronics, these systems are now more vulnerable to the electrical environments they are operating in. The need for a better understanding of Power Quality was in order for me. I knew there needed to be a reason why some devices worked great in one facility, but would fail earlier in another.

I spent the next 6 years learning what I could about the finer points of electricity (PQ). I have found that with a good solid knowledge of the fundamentals of electricity coupled with proper equipment and procedures there is a lot you can find out about the Power Quality in a facility, sometimes you just have to “dig” a little.