Electric power quality

Electric power quality is an important factor with the ever increasing addition of sensitive devices being integrated into our electrical devices. High voltage spikes and disturbances, both internal and external to your facilities, are disruptive and damaging to the investments you have made in your operations. Time and time again equipment is replaced or repaired only to realize the same failures again down the road.

Power quality in the electric industry is the degree to which the voltage, frequency, and waveforms of a power supply system conform to established specifications. Good power quality from utilities can be defined as a steady supply voltage that continuously stays within the properly prescribed range, with a smooth voltage curve waveform, operating within a steady 60 hertz a.c. frequency (here in north America).

It is common understanding that power quality is the compatibility between what comes out of an electric outlet and to the load that is plugged into it. The term is also used to describe electric power that drives an electrical load and the load’s ability to function properly. An electrical device may malfunction, fail prematurely, or not operate at all when the Power Quality is not up to proper standards. There are many factors that can affect your power quality, both from outside and inside your facility.

In order for your equipment to operate as intended, your “Electrical Environment” needs to be healthy. You are connected to the same grid as your neighbours and share the same power as them. It is also possible for their systems to affect yours. The norm for Power Quality issues tend to be 20% external and 80% internal. Things that can affect your operation is Voltage sags and swells, excessive harmonics and transient surges.

SineWave Solutions Ltd can investigate and trace your waveforms to determine if you have an internal or external problem. We can perform analysis for your total electrical system or on individual loads. Lots of times we find that the solutions can be simple.

The first step is to “look inside the energy” to determine what’s going on. With the proper deployment of today’s modern monitoring equipment, and if necessary, multiple meters that are synchronized in time can be set up to track the interactions of your equipment, to acquire a proper understanding for analysis. These procedures are determined by the complexity of your system, and the symptoms of what you are experiencing. After determining what is happening at your facility, and if needed, we can consult with our network of engineers, to advise on lucrative mitigation procedures or equipment needed to correct the problem.

It is SineWave Solutions mission to make this affordable as this is all we do. We have the equipment and know how to get results. Contact us today for a consultation on your situations.