SineWave Solutions Services

Below are a few examples of us deploying some of our metering equipment. We mostly serve Western Canada but if you have trained electrical staff on your site, it can be possible for us to economically do studies outside this region.

SineWave Solutions Services - understanding your electrical environments

To understand your electrical environment better, using more than one meter lets us see how equipment interacts with each other. Here we are setting up 2 meters on 2 separate small CDP’s. The internal clocks on the meters will be kept in sync with each other including the third one locate on the Mains one floor below.

SineWave Solutions Services

Having a meter on the incoming mains from utilities, at the same time as monitoring the other panels, helps us to understand the direction of where the anomalies come from. This allows us to track down the problem area’s in the case where it is not known. Here we will be able to put the meter right inside the panel and close the cabinet door.

SineWave Solutions Services - understanding electrical environments

In this picture we have 2 meters in a very tight room. We have the meters up high to keep them out of the way and we are monitoring the Main fusible disconnect as well as the main breaker panel. We can outfit most panels with an extension box so our equipment has enough room and we can close everything up to keep the public safe.

SineWave Solutions Services -  electrical environments analysis

Here we are trying to figure out which load is giving us problems by using 2 meters on one panel. One meter monitors the incoming main conductors while we switch the other meter from circuits to circuits. We have had up to 4 meters on one panel doing 12 circuits at once. You will notice the extension box for extra panel room and public safety.